15 – 30 Minutes A Day To:

Increase Your Energy

Keep You Healthy

Feel Better

Get In Great Shape

Improve Your Stamina


Multiple short workouts to choose from

What to eat on the go

How to make smart food choices

What is Busy Life Workouts?

Busy Life Workouts are workouts for people who actually live a busy life. Oftentimes, we see fitness programs and videos of people who are in great shape, but they got that way from spending hours in the gym. Not to mention, they seem to do the workouts perfectly without even breaking a sweat. It's just not possible to get "that" body from working out only 30 minutes aday. With that in mind, we were determined to create a realistic workout, done by real people, that will get you healthier, in better shape, and feeling great. You don't have to worry about being perfect, because we aren't perfect either!

Meet the Team

JT Foxx

Francie Baldwin